ABSOLUT BROOKLYN trailer featuring Lemon Andersen, directed by Spike Lee from ABSOLUTworld on YouTube

What do you offer legendary director Spike Lee when (not if) he pops over for a drink and a chat? According to the man himself, it’s a glass of the new red apple and ginger Absolut vodka with a splash of ginger ale. Seems a little fancy, but as the Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X auteur gets a little older a wiser, Buds out of brown paper bags probably just don’t cut it.

Lee has collaborated with Absolut to produce Absolut Brooklyn- a tribute to the brownstones, characters and stoops that exemplify the borough he calls home- and oversaw each stage of the development process, including artwork, advertising and taste-testing (ie- the hard part).

Absolut are steadily and cleverly expanding their scope in terms of advertisements, most notably with the help of New York directors named Spike. It was only a few months ago that they sponsored Spike Jonze’s robot love story I’m Here, which premiered at Sundance. Spikes Milligan and Jones are no longer with us, which leads us to wonder who they will work with next…