We feature a lot of effortlessly cool, talented artists slash illustrators—like Julia Pott, Quentin Jones, and Sophie Blackall and her NY subway work. Our newest discovery is Sydney designer and illustrator Georgia Perry, who looks like she could be your next door neighbour: she grew up in the country, has a tumblr and a black cat, and loves glitter.

Produced by Sydney’s Joshua Capelin, the short profile shows the art of mural-painting—with us getting to see Georgia’s world and her working on laneway art that was commissioned by the City of Sydney. The video is a part of his Alternate Series, which also features photographer Terence Chin at the moment, and seeks to find its way into a part of these creative wiz’s lives.

Georgia’s colourful presence, slogan posters, and bright portraits of some pop culture identities (Nicki Minaj and Dame Edna included) build up a pretty impressive portfolio. And she’s so dedicated that she doesn’t even care about getting paint on her shiny black iPhone—something, you might ashamedly admit, that makes you cringe much more than it should. Here, Georgia talks about her impressive marker collection, transposing her ideas onto an 8 metre wide wall, and how shit it is that you can’t -Z to undo mistakes in real life (so true).