“If you focus on too many things, you will not having enough time to focus on the best thing, and I think that is the basis of an artist’s approach”.

It’s this comment that guides us through the interview with salmon smoker Ole Martin-Hansen, and a reflection of his overall work ethic; do one thing, and do it really, really well. Hansen is the mind behind London based smokery business Hansen & Lyndersen, and here he discusses why the defining idea behind a product should be absolute.

“You should trust the architect, he specializes in that. I am a salmon smoker, so you should trust me”. With a humble and gentlemanly air, Hansen explains his works as an attempt (and judging by the high demand for his work, a success), to capture the distinct taste of salmon he had as a child. With unmoving precision and grace he is able to apply an artist’s touch to what could generally be described as a surgical practice; perhaps understanding of the ethical, profitable and idiosyncratic outcomes of his work enables him to apply a very specific practice to creating his works.

Outside of his work practice, Hansen is also a suave dresser (he likes well tailored, clean cut suits), and has crafted his own living space in the form of a ‘cabin’ atop his salmon empire which is a large wooden box featuring a bed and some carefully chosen ornaments. Hansen is not afraid to try new things, and his distinct sense of style extends to every element of his life; in a sweet footnote, he discusses his hope to do some Regatta sailing later in the year.

The video, directed by Nikolaj Belzer and put together by production company Everything Is Okay, mirrors Hansen’s work in it’s simplicity and perfection. Like each sure, clean cut Hansen performs, the clip is finely structured, never overlong, and a fascinating look at an artist’s practice and his devotion to perfecting one very specific craft.