Philip Bloom‘s latest documentary highlights camera enthusiast Anthony Vizzari‘s journey from architect to vintage camera store-owner, with collecting skills to rival even the greatest of Hoarders and resemble Amelie-like past-times.

He discusses the delicate art of photobooth-ing and explains why he made the career change that led him to own and run the Vintage Photo Shop in Oak Park, Illinois. Vizzari also introduces us to some of his favorite cameras, elaborating on why he thinks they’re particularly keen, and shows us the usually-invisible inner-workings of his in-house photobooth.

The film takes a bit of a darker turn, though, when Vizzari expresses his interest in collecting portraits and negatives of strangers, some of which are a little hard to stomach. Despite the dark turn, the film is interesting and entertaining, painting an affable portrait of someone with a genuine interest beyond Canons and Nikons.