Growing up with her Chinese family in New York, Jennifer Ling Datchuk says it was hard to feel comfortable with her identity. Her Chinese and American identities caused—and still do cause—moments of insecurity, particularly in regards to her own and others’ perception of herself. However, this perpetual journey of self-discovery has proved to be something of a blessing, as Datchuk now uses her experiences with conflict of identity as inspiration for her art.

This mini documentary from husband and wife filmmaking team Mark and Angela Walley is a lovely little insight into Datchuk’s creative inspiration. She talks career pressure, ethnicity and hairstyles as she lets the couple into her home to document her art making. Datchuk works mainly with ceramics, creating vintage-inspired pieces that are strongly influenced by her childhood. Some of Datchuk’s pieces are available on Etsy, and more of her work can be found here.

Mark and Angela Walley are based in San Antonio, Texas, and have been working together as artists, musicians and filmmakers for the past eight years. In 2010 they established Walley films, a production company dedicated to promoting the arts in their community. So far they have produced over 20 short documentaries that follow the work of artists, non-profit arts organisations and art related events.