This week, our friends at StyleLikeU invite us into the London home of Corinne Drewery, whose timeless sense of style and spitfire attitude is altogether engrossing.

Raised in the English countryside by an equally chic mother, Corinne grew up idolizing 60s icons like Twiggy, The Beatles, Dusty Springfield and Diana Ross. Her adoration of the era lives on in her Marimekko shift dress and severe bob haircut. As she grew up, Corinne pursued a career as a fashion designer, abandoning this path in the 80s when the opportunity arose to become the lead singer of beloved duo Swing Out Sister.

StyleLikeU co-founder Lily Mandelbaum shares her impressions of Corinne;

I love how Corinne is ageless and timelessly hip. She is still the lead singer of her band after 26 years, wearing the same 60s clothes that she has worn since her teens, mixed with a little avant-garde Commes Des Garcons. Because she doesn’t try too hard and sticks to what she loves, Corinne lets life and success come to her naturally. And even with all of her fame, she is so humble, as she drove us and walked us all the way back to our hotel from the opposite side of the city when the shoot was finished.