This week, the team at StyleLikeU takes us behind the scenes of fashion’s holy grail, into the house, mind and closet of Teen Vogue‘s fashion director Gloria Baume. A stalwart of the fashion magazine industry, Gloria was born and raised in Rome—where she says women are celebrated for showing physical signs of aging—before moving to the United States as a teenager. Gloria’s style reflects her heritage and travels; a combination of traditional patterns and themes converge with the occasional seasonal trend as she drops the names of her favorite designers whose pieces she wears according to her mood each day. Gloria’s attitude towards the industry in which she’s made her name is refreshing and, as StyleLikeU co-founder Elisa Goodkind explains, her perspective is an essential one.

I worked with Gloria a long time ago during my styling days at Glamour. I always love interviewing people for the site who are true veterans of the fashion business and who I’ve admired for so long for their style and taste. For me, Gloria is someone that represents a time in the industry where having great experience mattered and that experience and deep knowledge of fashion and style completely comes across in her interview. I love the fact that she’s not a show off—she actually dresses down for fashion week so as to not draw attention to herself, and rather, keep the focus on the designers and their craft.