The youngest of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughters, Tallulah, follows in her sister Scout‘s footsteps by inviting StyleLikeU into her personal and stylistic history. In their latest closet video, Tallulah waxes lyrical on her love of thrifting and hunting down a perfect vintage find, while crediting her early years growing up on a farm with her supportive and artistic parents as the root of her relaxed, LA outlook.

StyleLikeU co-founder Elisa Goodkind tells us more about her time with Scout:

Having gotten to know Tallulah’s older sister, Scout, I was not surprised to be infected with another Willis’ soak-up-life-like-a-sponge, warm and enveloping free spirit. I love Tallulah’s rings on her thumbs and how each and every piece of silver is distinct, but even more alluring about Tallulah is her wide open bluntness about life.

“I really admire someone’s courage because I lack courage in the sense that I don’t stand up for my self a lot,” she states. Tallulah not only landed a striped 50′s cardigan from her mom that she wears with a black lace top and cut offs, but she also acquired from her mom an encouragement to love her body. Dripping in native American gems, many of which she got from Idaho where she grew up running in the woods, Tallulah has the wisdom at a young age to question why hating one’s self is the norm among many of her peers. And despite that she is the youngest of many strong people in her life, she is clearly her own person, which is obvious in everything from the finesse with which she throws a cozy sweater over a sheer slip to the honesty with which she feels she won’t cave to being insecure just to fit in.

Ecstatic about her ’70′s knee high Frye boots, John Lennon shades, mini vintage velvet dress and writing poetry, Tallulah says that her dad always told her, “do what ever you want to do and we will love and support it,” and it shows.