Enter Kalamazoo: Not a fictional land created by Dr. Seuss but a real town with grocery stores open on Saturday nights and winding roads to partake in adventures on. Thanks to BULLETT magazine, this nonfictional land is brought to life with a behind the scenes video for their new “The Sin Issue” starring hottie Logan Marshall-Green. Recognize the face? Marshall-Green just wrapped up a role for the film Prometheus but you may remember him as bad boy big brother Trey Atwood from The OC.

The short, inspired by Carl Sandburg’s “The Sins of Kalamazoo”, begins with whimsical music to set the mood — allowing the audience to know that they will be participating in a real voyage. An industrial town paints the scene with grey skies and typical American props. Cherry pie in a diner setting, a vintage car for shows, pay phones and fields of grass all contribute to the classical wanderlust theme.

With Marshall-Green not only starring in this short but narrating as well, it’s hard to not get distracted by his rugged voice and muscular body. Blinded by his beauty, you may have to watch the video a few times in order to fully understand what is happening. We’re not complaining though — a chance to stare at a hot guy over and over again? Yes, we’re completely fine with that.