Groans are a common reaction to the phrase ‘work conference’. Such groans are generally cultivated after multiple exposures to dull lectures, bad food and worse coffee all in the name of personal and professional growth. Luckily for you, there is Tina Roth Eisenberg, creative type extraordinaire who decided that enough was enough.

Directed by Ron Dawson, this video introduces you to Creative Mornings, a monthly breakfast lecture series featuring relevant and dynamic speakers—and free coffee. Roth Eisenberg started holding lectures in New York after bad experiences with boring, elitist conferences. She wanted a series of lectures that was interesting and that had the ability to get creative people out of their caves and into the real world where they could interact.

So what happens post-fantastic lecture and post-ridiculously good free coffee? The idea spreads. Creative Mornings now has 18 chapters across 8 countries, and are launching three more chapters soon in Paris, Cape Town and Utrecht.

This clip was primarily shot during an Atlanta lecture, with additional footage contributed by other chapters. It is clean and inspiring in a way that work conferences have never been before. Roth Eisenberg has managed to morph online networks into real world relationships, and should be lauded for bringing creative types together.