Design Files (which is kind of like the Australian equivalent of the Selby for creative and design-y folk) has recently branched out into filmic portraits, with Joost Bakker the subject of their debut release.

Joost, who moved to Australia at age seven, is an advocate for sustainable living and employs his ideals in both his work and home lives. His work came to our attention back in 2008 when he used the building principles he learned in the construction of his home (including walls of plotted plants and hay-bale insulation) to create a temporary, sustainable restaurant in Melbourne’s Federation Square (a time-lapse building-of you can view here). Greenhouse by Joost was open in Melbourne from November 2008 to January 2009, a sister to the permanent version in Perth and the newly-opened Sydney restaurant, located in prime position between the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

In this video (which was created by a slew of Design Files friends and features complementary music by Eli Wolfe and Nick Lovell) we get a terrific sense of Joost’s personality and contagious passion for the ingenious and affecting work he does. From Greenhouse’s waste-free declaration (they don’t have any bins. Like, none. At all) to their praised food, there is nothing we don’t love about Joost, his team and their new baby.

Greenhouse by Joost is open until the end of March at Campbells Cove, The Rocks.