The blogosphere blew up two weeks ago when Montreal-based musician Claire Boucher aka Grimes released the video for Oblivion from her third studio offering ‘Visions,’ after releasing two previous albums to cult-like status.  Fusing elements of hyper electronica, melodic dream pop and experimental beats and rhythms, the pint-sized artist with the oh-so-cute lisp spoke to Dazed Digital after gracing the cover of their physical companion, Dazed & Confused‘s April edition.

Directed by Alex Craig, the short film is a stark contrast to the bright portrayal we have been given of the 23 year-old so far.  Shot mainly in black and white, Craig examines his subject on a highly personalised and stylised level.  At her home studio, the Canadian is far from the cover star dressed in Givenchy haute couture and shot by the iconic Hedi Slimane, admitting she showers ‘between one and five,’ times a week, and that she doesn’t really understand the fashion hype surrounding her.

With tattoos ranging from a cosmic alien head to Leeloo’s symbolic imagery from The Fifth Element and being cool enough to admit that there’s nothing more evocative than a 4×4 melody, we think Grimes is pretty radical.