So we watched this video like 4 times and still have no idea what the shit the smart science man is saying. The only piece of solid information we can ascertain is that holograms are becoming A REAL LIFE THING. Well, maybe not real life, but pretty bloody close.

With the world still basking in the glory that was Tupac 2.0 at Coachella this year (Mariah Carey’s hologram must be feeling pretty pissed off right now), Microsoft have recently revealed new technology that is catapulting us head first into The Future; where everyone drives flying cars and wears silver spacesuits. We’re not even going to attempt to put this in our own words… According to Microsoft Researcher Hrvoje Benko “We’re combing 3D scanning… With 3D projections to basically make the space you interact with completely 3D and physical”. Cool. So when can we start having dance offs with hologram versions of ourselves? Although the idea and development of holograms has actually been around for quite some time, we must admit that technology is seriously starting to scare the shit out of us.

If Microsoft is potentially bringing us accessible hologram technology, does that mean Apple is about to release an app that will actually resurrect Tupac from the grave? Maybe they’ll just do silver streamlined version of the viewing glasses.