We’ve never really heard of hotel chains creating anything more interesting than the Hilton sisters (even that’s a bit of a stretch), and we definitely have never seen them produce any clothing that you would wear other than when bleaching the shower.  But trust cool, independent hotel company Ace to team up with Japan label Beams to create designer shirts, chinos, hats and accessories.

The Ace Hotel is renowned for their incorporation of culture and art with modern hospitality—creating striking hotels that have a sense of place and design that have been featured in Vogue, Wallpaper and New York Magazine (they have properties in Seattle, Portland, Palm Springs as well as Manhattan). The ‘cultural engineer’ and co-founder of the whole production, Alex Calderwood, talks about his inspiration taken from the historical buildings and the culture of the city itself.  He also talks of his love for Tokyo, and Japanese clothing label Beams that led to this teaming-up.

The trans-Pacific collaboration is one of brands, and also one of cities.  The distance and diversity between New York and Tokyo is great, yet the mix of the two cultures works to create a clean, slightly nautical line.  With a bit of input from Buzz Rickson, the collab has resulted in denim shirts, chinos, leather gloves and even bikes, just to look extra cool.

Getting on board with the fashion film, Ace has also created a short film showcasing the cultured well-dressed literature-enthusiast traipsing through New York.  Just like everyone does when they stay at Ace…right?