I’m not fond of throwing the ‘H’ word around too much, but sometimes people like Christian and Karen Boros come along—literally living in my dream house: their personal collection and art gallery sits beneath their picturesque home, smack in the middle of Berlin— and a bitter envy swells up so strong that I have no choice but to groan and sulk, protesting that Christian and Karen are the worst, that I hate absolutely everything about them. Them with their priceless artworks, them with their magnificent house that was built as an air raid shelter in WWII, them with their concrete floors and high ceilings and Olafur Elaisson works chilling out in the corners, them with their beautiful things and delicate trinkets, them and their German tongues: I hate you two to pieces; just let me be you, let me have your life house.

German magazine Freunde Von Freunden are responsible for my jealousy towards the Boros family, courtesy of the latest instalment in their series of interviews with creative people and the spaces they call home. In all honesty—and all my jealousy put aside— Christian and Karen’s home truly does have an otherworldliness about it: the loud, bright splashes of canvas that proudly emblazon walls ten feet high; bulbous and heavy statues scattered around rooms, curious frames and pieces spattered everyplace.

Perhaps what is most inspiring, though, is Christian’s pure and unbridled passion towards his home and his art collection. He eloquently describes how the art they collect isn’t always based on love at first sight:

“Sometimes you fall in love in the wrong way, [with] things that are just pleasant. It needs to pinch and hurt a bit in order to receive a lasting meaning…”

There’s something very  humbling and inspiring when you witness somebody like Christian so content in his own space, his eyes lighting up as he describes how certain pieces in his collection literally put him in a better mood.

But don’t get me wrong, I still hate them and their beautiful house. So much.