Made as part of the ever-inspiring Freunde Von Freunde series, this most recent release gives an insight into the creative lives of Post-Young British Artist members Sue Webster and Tim Noble, based in East London. It’s often great to just imagine what the studios of brilliant artists look like—elaborately messy constructions, bits toppling about in gusts of creative energy, perhaps—but going behind the scenes and getting a peek at the real deal is just as satisfying.

Webster and Noble’s studio is appropriately littered with intriguing objects and artwork everyplace, with notes and books scattered about, and it’s difficult not to see inspiration in even the most menial objects. The rhetoric of Webster and Noble, as they talk about the merging of two art forms in their infamous shadow series, duly promotes such sparks of creativity; of seeing beauty and artistic form in the most ordinary objects. If nothing else, this interview with the pair will make you look twice at the objects around you, seeing potential in the discarded and beauty in the trash.

Freunde Von Freunde update so many new interviews with so many interesting people that it’s a bit difficult to keep up with their perpetual state of inspiration, but you can dig through their extensive and exceptional archives here.