Looking into someone’s closet can be like peering into their soul. Someone’s personal style is a special thing–it speaks volumes about their personality, upbringing, culture, likes and dislikes. StyleLikeU explores the spaces of some of the world’s most fashionable and fascinating people, as they share their favourite outfits and their style philosophies.

Here we get a peek inside the closet of London-based prop and accessories designer Fred Butler, whose love for bright colors and eye-catching patterns forms the foundation for her clothing collection. Having grown up in a town where flamboyant dressing was certainly not the norm, Butler found that moving to London enabled her to showcase her love for color and vivacious clothing. Her style is an outlet for her creativity, but Butler says her style often leads people to assume she is loud and brazen (which couldn’t be further from the truth).

Editor-In-Chief of StyleLikeU, Elisa Goodkind, says of the designer:

I love how Fred is able to preserve the time in childhood when you didn’t care about what anyone thought of you, and at the same time she is as deep as the blue of the first color she wore head to toe.

Butler’s love for interesting accessories (and her talent for design) is an integral part of her style, and it’s certainly a treat to see inside the home of a woman whose style is so varied, unique and interesting.

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All images via StyleLikeU