A few days ago we peeked into the genius that is Chanel Couture designer, Karl Lagerfeld and today we’re having another look at Chanel, this time in the form of their Creative Director of Makeup, Peter Philips. We’re given a little window into not only his mind and creative process, but that of Chanel itself in this insightful little offering from directors Jauretsi and Crystal Moselle (who has been the force behind a slew of fashion videos recently, a whole bunch of which you can view over at her channel).

The video explains (among other things) that all women want to look good. That is, seductive and young. This idea forms the basis for Chanel’s design process and it’s not hard to see how well it translates with their sleek lines, clean finishes and beautiful materials. Accompanying this profile of Philips is an animation featuring the headpiece that he proudly displays around two thirds of the way through this video – a playful reprieve from the often harsh and serious fashion world.

Now, ladies, put the lipstick and the superglue down and leave the makeup robots to the professionals.