There’s no doubting the influential finesse of entrepreneurial superstar Jay-Z. So when the king of hip hop has something to say, we can’t help but listen intently, which is exactly how we found ourself glued to this new encounter with the man himself. It’s a brief but engaging piece—Jay-Z speaks with a refreshing honesty about the shifting focus of his work with age, throwing light on how his attention to technique gave way to a matured perspective on life and a new found desire for social commentary.

The intimate discussion, which includes references to Jay-Z’s childhood growing up in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, is one of many exclusive pieces of video content created for Decoded, his new app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod. The interactive app features lyrics and their meanings, annotations from Jay-Z himself and a range of audio/visual content, which works as a rather well produced digital counterpart to his memoir of the same title that was released late last year.