As everyone headed back to school and college, The Fader decided to teach the folk of the Internet a little something in creativity with a series of “How To” step-by-step videos detailing the intricacies of different artistic fields. From photography to dip dying, animation and Ital burgers, our favorite features perfumer Julia Zangrilli of NOVA who makes natural, personalized scents from only three ingredients.

The Fader‘s well-known DIY aesthetic and community support for local creatives is extended tin this series which focuses on innovative young people in lesser known industries. In How To: Make Your Own Perfume, the emphasis on personalisation through artistic measures and individuality in its subtlety is the main ingredient for this edition. Zangrilli has since launched NOVA, a perfume service that will craft personalized scents along with a soon-to-be-released fragrance collection.

The cultural importance of community is the spirit behind this project, with sharing knowledge and expertise as the integral backbone.