Next time you’re cursing your tram for being late, keep an eye out for the Grolsch tram trundling along on the #86 line, resplendent in green and black. The beer giant paired up two artists to design a tram-sized advertisement and one director to make a film about it.

The artists who are responsible for this are James Dodd and Simon Murray, a graffiti artist/collector and illustrator respectively. The guys talk about their creative practices in the film, which was directed by James Fleming (whose credits include commercials for Nintendo and Holden, and music videos for Lior). Busy boys they may be, but we think they should collaborate more often! Drawing on the pervasive underground art movement which is alive and well in Melbourne, inspiration was taken from being banned from public transport in their youth and sticking it to the man by putting their mark all over such a public figure. Melbourne isn’t the only place to get a Grolsch vehicle—Sydneysiders can keep an eye out for a Grolsch bus, too.