Clearly inspired by those geometric patterns her grandpa dreamed up all those years ago, Margherita Missoni‘s house is an explosion of colour and pattern.  Lifestyle Mirror has this exclusive peek into the Missoni heir’s exquisite Milan apartment and, obviously, it’s awesome.

It’s not every day that we get to see inside a Missoni’s house, and the accessories designer slash model does not disappoint.  From the floral wallpaper to striped cushions, the patterned sofa and tapestry hangings, the home—located in the Brera district—is a mishmash of fabric and style genius.  “Growing up in my home was always like an explosion,” she says.  “Full of colour, full of paintings and pictures.”

When she’s not rolling in her shoe collection, Margherita speaks of the family business and her love of fashion.  The vid was directed by Robert Rabensteiner, fashion editor of L’Uomo Vogue, and is featured on new editorial e-commerce site Lifestyle Mirror, which launched last month.

Looking a bit like a market or a killer vintage store, Margherita’s house is chock-full of shoes, paintings, extravagant rugs and so so many accessories.