Morgan “Morgy” Tepsic hails from Oklahoma City. He’s a creative, a “not really a photographer” photographer and web developer. More importantly he is also the editor and founder of TEPSIC Magazine. An idea so simple and genius that you wished you had thought of it first. But you didn’t. And chances are, even if you had, your version of TEPSIC could never be as successful or loved by fans in the way Morgan has been able to achieve. Because the soaring success behind the magazine lies in Morgan and his own personalised obsession for originality and creative processes in producing TEPSIC.

The publication is a throwback to music magazines from the early 90s, when magazines were larger and filled with poster like images to suffice our pop culture shrines. Measuring a whopping 11 by 17 inches of pure photography goodness, TEPSIC Mag features images taken by bands and musical artists on disposable cameras. As Morgan puts it, “its a music magazine without the bullshit”. Morgan artistically customises these cameras by hand, which he then sends to the artists. It is this level of customisation and personalisation by Morgan that drew us to get to know the man behind the huge glossy pages a little bit better. That and the guy is scintillatingly honest.

Meet Morgan and the beginnings of his TEPSIC empire.