The goal is simple: record a song with a bevy of people. First, you acquire a venue, acquire libations, and bring in a band. The song is set, the instruments are distributed, and everyone has themselves a bonafide, fun-filled jam session. That’s the premise behind Vancouver music collective planners The band, song, and venue change, but the energy and excitement are deliciously consistent.

This episode (part of a Vimeo web series) combines the musical forces of The Human Statues and a few of their closest xylophone, can, and tambourine players (just three of the wide variety of instruments). The name of the song is It’s So Simple and after seeing this video, it’ll be hard not to sing along yourself. Everyone and their mom gets involved, with voice and instrument in hand. It’s a jam session party with a recorded song as a parting gift.

The cameras were handled by Greg Gillespie and Jem Garrard and the audio recorded by Rich Smith and Rob Hamilton. Hopefully they bring their music shenanigans stateside! Our vocal chords and somewhat musical trinkets would happily participate.

via booooooom