Here at Portable, we come across inspiring videos on a daily basis. While an outrageous music video or beautifully shot short film is often cause for some creative reflection, we regularly find ourselves in awe at the fascinating lectures, presentations and interviews we come across. A good talk can make the audience aware of how much there is to learn, but simultaneously excites in them the desire to use their existing knowledge to its greatest potential.

We’ve been fortunate this year to host two fantastic speakers for the Australian Portable Talks series, Soraya Darabi of Foodspotting and Scott Belsky of Behance. Both gave fascinating talks and shared their knowledge on networking, social media and creative inspiration. And back at Portable TV, we’ve been inspired by wood sculptors, spoken word artists, musicians, child geniuses, designers, fashionistas and many, many more.

Here are some of our picks for the best talks of 2011. Share, learn and get inspired, and we’ll see you next year.