The folks over at the handmade haven, Etsy, have quietly been releasing a whole slew of videos documenting their most interesting and intriguing sellers. This one is no exception, with a profile of Geahk Burchill: puppeteer extraordinaire. Geahk is one of very few puppet makers in the world and he crafts his pieces with the care and attention to detail of any master craftsman. In this video we see him bring the character of Asenath, an Appalachian witch, to life – from inception to completion – and see the mind boggling amount of time and effort that goes into each puppet.

Geahk is the founder of Castiron Carousel, a troupe which provides puppet entertainment for adults. Think dark, a little bit twisted and much more complicated than its childish counterparts. Just take a look at the characters to get an idea of what we mean. Geahk sells his puppets on Etsy and is doing a great job of bringing back the beauty and tradition of the marionette trade.