Episode four of Opening Ceremony’s new Hobbyist series focuses on SUNO, a limited-edition line of womenswear mostly based on Kenyan sarongs (Kangas) and vintage textiles.

Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty of SUNO started working together when Max decided he wanted to to something good in Kenya due to the political violence he was experiencing there in 2008. His initial intention was to create jobs, and since he already had a love for textiles, he decided to start a clothing line. At that point, Erin was a designer, so she became part of the project to turn those textiles into the adored garments they create today.

The extra-curricular activities of this duo are things not many people have heard about. For Max it’s Ride and Tie, a sport that goes back to the late 60s early 70s—created by a bunch of guys from Levi Strauss—that is like a two-man, horse-riding relay race. Erin’s hobby Gyrotronics seems like a deadly torture but surprisingly it’s one of the best ways to work your joints and stretch.

Hobbyist is a seven-part series created by Mariko Munro and Rachel Remz-Porter of Twin Bike for  Opening Ceremony. Through these episodes we take a closer look into extra-curricular activities of some of the most interesting figures in pop culture. See the previous episode, featuring author and needlepoint-er Lesley Arfin here.