From cherubic infants to mystery-solving tweens to full-fledged entrepreneurs, actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen successfully transitioned themselves from TV and film to fashion, launching profitable labels The Row and Elizabeth & James. As fast fashion franchises continuously copy and manufacture the Olsens’ style aesthetic for the masses, the girls are busy managing the new additions to their empire. Their newest project, Stylemint, is an e-commerce site selling a line of relaxed and simple T-shirts that we see brought to life in this behind-the-scenes video of their lookbook shoot.

The collection was shot by Terry Richardson and features adorable Argentinian model Tati Cotliar. Styled by Sally Lyndley, the young designers referenced iconic images that portrayed the humble T-shirt in a classic and almost seductive light. “I think we really wanted Stylemint to be very pure and organic, and raw,” explains Ashley, “and after thinking about how we can really capture that sort of emotion and feeling, we really just wanted to work with Terry Richardson.”

It is utterly refreshing, considering today’s superficial nature of celebrity business that relies mostly on name-lending, product placements and leaked nude photos, to see the twins utilizing a hands-on approach to managing this latest cog in the whirring Olsen empire.