Build‘s short film reveals every brush and pen stroke behind modern communication campaigns as they follow the role of five recent graduate illustrators. Image Makers explores the motivations and inspirations of the five young artists in a behind-the-scenes look at the Nokia-NFC campaign short.

Michael C Place, Creative Director of Build provides commentary on the artists’ work, stating, “We chose illustrators we thought could capture that fresh look in a really fun and crazy way.”

Each illustrator expresses a different style, a different perspective on creation and a different approach to their artwork.

This short first reveals illustrator Nina Cosford by the seaside, as she opens her utility belt of pens and begins to document her surroundings. She claims that illustration is “a rough energetic way of recording something…a more subtle way of dealing with something that sometimes words cannot express.”

The illustrator’s passion is obvious as their eyes light up at the mention of their work. Each of the five artists were discovered D&AD graduate shows and handpicked for the Nokia short. Their flair for the creative and artistic passion prove that this is more than just a line of work, but is a creative way of life. Illustrator Hannah Rowlands philosophizes, “the world can be a dark place, it’s nice to have images up that mean something to people.”

Despite their differing stylistic approaches, different hometowns and contrasting motivations behind their creations, these juxtapositions produce an end result just as Place described; fresh, fun and full of human interest.

Illustrator Nina Cosford from the Build short Image Makers