Poster art used to typically only be confined to the urban dwellings of bustling, industrial cities. This is definitely not the case for recent TED Prize-winning artist, JR, who in the past has pushed the boundaries with his art in the goal of revealing the unknown stories of people around the world.

In this captivating short from the TED Prize crew, the anonymous French native discusses the concept behind his work, which has taken street art across the globe, spanning from Paris to Israel, Brazil and Sierra Leone in large-scale projects that challenge and “question the memory of a city and its inhabitants.”

What may have initially started as the posting of large-scale images of city-dwelling thugs around the bourgeois districts of Paris, has now broadened to become the Inside Out Project; a global participatory art project which encourages people to create their own black and white portraits to exhibit in their own communities. The exhibit is happening now in a street near you.