It’s no secret that bloggers are becoming just as big a names in the fashion world as the models on the runway. Fashion bloggers dedicate themselves to creating unique looks, combining both vintage and contemporary pieces to inspire and encourage others who are still creating their personal aesthetic. This effort does not go unnoticed, with bedroom journalists catching the eye of industry bigwigs as well as street style photographers. One such photographer is Tommy Ton, a young Canadian blogger who is obsessed with fashion and capturing it in its natural element.

Tommy’s expertise behind the lens caught the eye of both and GQ, landing him positions at both. For Ton, it is not only about the final outfit, but what goes into it. People who posses a personal style are motivated to dress in ways that not only express them, offering a slice of personality to strangers catching a passing glance. When Ton goes shooting, he keeps this in mind as his motivation for featuring some outfits over others.

In this short video interview from Emmy award-winning Hummer Productions, follows Tommy on one of his shoots while he further explains what intrigues him about street style. He describes his shooting process as an “accident”, shooting rapid-fire candid shots to really capture the feel of an average day-in-the-life. Ultimately, what it all comes back to is Ton’s love of fashion—as he says, it keeps him going when his feet hurt, or when he hasn’t eaten or slept.