Alt-rock lovers rejoice. The Temper Trap is back with a new album and a whole new set of songs set to make you feel like going on a road trip and staring intensely out the window. Jokes aside, the Aussie boys have just released a sneak peak into the studio during the making of the song ‘Trembling Hands’.

The clip shows new member Joseph Greer talking about how the song came together, from its initial stages as a simple guitar riff, through the addition of the piano and then into the studio. Produced by Tony Hoffer in L.A., their self-titled new album is being released on May 18th in Australia and will be staggered across the world until the final US release on June 5th.

While it’s not a very long promo, there is just enough to pique your interest and want to hear more. Dougy Mandagi’s soaring, operatic voice promises great things. If you want more, you can go and hear about the album through their EPK here and watch their first track release “Need Your Love” here.

TTT are touring throughout Europe, Australia and America until August so cross your fingers and check your city over here.

[via Spin].