The incredible rapper and guy who loves to provoke, Tyler the Creator, sat down to chat to Swedish venture, PSL, about music, life and his experiences over the last couple of years. After leading hip-hop collective OFWGKTA since 2007, Tyler burst out on his own at the end of 2009, with a fully independent album, ‘Bastard‘. A couple of years and a whole lot of publicity later, he is getting ready to unleash his sophomore album, ‘Goblin‘, featuring controversial first release, Yonkers.

What Slim Shady is to Eminem, Wolf Haley to Tyler. In the 3-part interview, Tyler talks about the inspiration behind Mr Haley and, more specifically, how his childhood informed his “paradoxical” personality. While it is interesting to hear such a renegade talk about his processes and inspiration, it seems to us that a big chunk of Tyler the Creator is a carefully constructed image to help support the messages in his music. Authentic or not, the guy brings something new and exciting to the rap scene and we can’t stop listening.