“That door is like, the jam dude”. And it totally is. This episode of Art Talk sees Vice and 42Below collaborating with the duo behind Faile; Brooklyn based artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. The piece predominately features Faile’s latest installation The 104 North 7th Project, where thousands of tiny, individually hand painted tiles designed by the artists are applied to different surfaces to create impressive and intricate pieces. “Getting back to [the] idea of lost crafts”, the work in principle and practise is similar to Portugese tiling, but aesthetically remains contemporary in its modern design and street art style.

Established in 1999, the idea of Faile was something the Patrick’s (as we have fondly dubbed them) talked about doing together in high school, conceptually “working like a band” in their collaboration. If Faile is indeed like a band, then these boys are fucking rockstars. Exploring a sense of duality in their work, their “attraction to collaging, appropriation, found work and ephemera” is obvious as VICE takes us through their silk screen saturated studio and exhibition history, notably the insane neon arcade installation “Deluxx Fluxx” they produced with fellow artist Bast in 2010. Trippy enough to make you question the contents of your last beverage.

What Vice captures so well is the duo’s collaborative connection that clearly goes beyond a purely professional level. While obviously in tune with each other’s vibes in an artistic sense, you can really see how important their “different strengths and different interests within the work” are to its success.

Although it may be true that “two minds are better than one”, we think it’s a quality over quantity situation in the case of the Faile boys. We wonder if they’d be into retiling our bathrooms?

VICE are celebrating the launch of the project on Thursday April 26th at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, and you’re invited. RSVP here.