After art student Tyler Cullen decided that it would be a good idea to ask his fellow New Yorkers what they were listening to, Brits Joseph Jenson and Michael Fostiropoulos decided to do the same to Londoners.

In analyzing the correlation between people’s tastes in music and their clothing attire, it occurred to us that any assumptions should be thrown out of the door. There are no stereotypes in the real world and therefore, no reason for us to believe that a bearded and seemingly-healthy young man would not listen to Abba or a thirty-something female athlete wouldn’t prefer Nine Inch Nails during a jog in a park.

After surveying these soundtracks from said Londoners and New Yorkers, we decided that the latter has the better playlist. It would be interesting to see if these videos will inspire a trail of copycats in other cities, exposing the diverse musical tastes of pedestrians with amazing playlists just dying to be discovered.