Twitter, book deals, and turning whopping misfortune into a short-lived millionaire scenario are just three of the topics touched upon during a conversation Ohio State Writers Talk had with comedian Rob Delaney.

Rob Delaney is a Boston-raised, LA-based comedian on the brink of Wikipedia page expansion and household name status. He started gaining popularity with his stand-up comedy, and when Twitter happened, Delaney, though initially skeptical, jumped right on board (following fellow comedian Louis C.K.‘s presence on the site), and cozily embraced the challenge in making people laugh with 140 characters or less. He managed to turn a blackout drunken car crash into a highly lucrative executive job, ultimately realizing that comedy should be his primary career path (seeing humor in such a tragic event certainly proves this true).

Delaney’s fame is about to skyrocket, as he’s received a nonfiction book deal from Random House and a variety show pilot deal with Comedy Central, titled @Robdelaney, after his Twitter handle.

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