New forms of art make us so excited we wet our pants. We know, we know. That was an uncouth way to start an article, and is certainly not one that entices you to want to watch this video. Please ignore our lack of class, because this right here is an artwork that is beyond cool.

“Future Self” is the title of the piece, and this is a video which follows the process behind its creation. The work has been made by the creative collaboration rAndom International and commissioned by MADE, a gallery/working studio in Berlin. It also features composer Max Richter and choreographer Wayne McGregor who both contribute to the piece by providing an interpretation through music and through a performative dance piece.

Too many cooks may spoil a broth, but you can never have enough creative types. MADE calls the involvement of Richter and McGregor an “interdisciplinary clash”, but that isn’t really true. The three groups involved in the project work in perfect harmony to realise their respective and combined creative vision.

Don’t ask us about the tech specs. Digital art is far beyond the understanding of our puny minds; we’re just so incredibly glad that there are people out there who do understand and can create beauty from electricity. Let’s just say that somehow the rI guys have figured out how to wire up a whole bunch of LEDs to computer software which are then activated by motion sensors. The resulting shapes that light up in the “Future Self” prism are hauntingly beautiful; some look human, some are bands of light that fade in and out of sharpness.

The involvement of McGregor was a stroke of genius. It has enabled this piece to be tested in an artistic way, not just leaving it up to a bunch of fools (like us) who wave their arms around in front of it for a giggle. If nothing else, the dance piece around “Future Self” is a must-see.

The exhibition is still on at MADE until 2 June. Check here for precise days and times.

[via PSFK.]