There’s something about a significant holiday or date that sends people flocking to Twitter, eager to upload their twit-pics and 140 character-commentary about the occasion and engage with other like-minded, date-conscious Twitterers, as the 11.11.11 ‘phenomenon’ demonstrated last week. Twitter recently released the video, 11.11.11 on Twitter, to visually showcase the uptake of this trending topic on a global scale over the course of the day.

It shows the wave of activity as the clock struck 11.11am and 11.11pm around the world, with the volume of “11.11!” tweets in each geographic location illustrated by the scale of the ’1′. Starting with the Asia-Pacific region on the right and moving through Europe into continental America, you can see which areas seemed to care more—Australia, not so much; Japan and the Middle East more; Europe and South America also had a substantial burst of ’1′s popping up. But the clear Twitter winner was the US, with large scale ’1′s all over the shop—and also one of the only regions with another clear wave of tweeting shown at night to mark 11.11pm. Perhaps this is because the date coincided with Veteran’s Day.

While it’s a bit confusing to get your head around initially with no timeline (and there’s also a few rogue ’1′s in there), it’s still an interesting snapshot at the global Twittersphere. Wonder what Twitter-hater Louis C.K. makes of this?