The Internet—the myth, the marvel, the befuddling mass medium.

The idea that posed controversial threat to the print publishing industry, the technology that enabled the art of hyper-linking to disseminate information beyond geographical borders and the mighty medium that functions as a platform for interactive social services that simultaneously quells revolutions and gives relevance to the Kardashians.

Publishing, pokes and tweets aside, the internet is also a blank digital canvas that fosters a creative utopia for collectives of artists across the globe, according to Yancey Strickler the Cofounder of Kickstart, Lawrence Lessig the Cofounder of Creative Commons and Ciel Hunter and Julia Kaganskiy of The Creators Project.

In this PBS Off Book series, leading industry creatives discuss the internet as a vital means to discover art, build communities, facilitate funding and entrepreneurial endeavours, legitimize ownership and copyright and realise various artworks in a dynamic digital setting.

So the dense and discombobulating medium that is the Internet fuels art?

Who would have thought.

via hypebeast.