To promote their latest mobile handset, DoCoMo have created a three minute ad in which a small wooden ball rolls downhill along a huge xylophone in a big, ancient Japanese forest. Bespoke design group Drill Inc. designed the behemoth instrument, which is programmed to play Bach’s Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring.  We get to see the crew slide the pieces into place, making it look too easy, considering the effort it must have taken to setup at the right angles, a test akin to the kind of trial and error planning of a large scale toppling domino display. We can only hope that the construct is left behind and forgotten so that it can confuse and amaze generations of the distant future.

The arboreal focus is a nod to the case material of the mobile device in question, the SH-08C, which is wooden as well. There’s no need to worry about environmental damage because all wood used is considered surplus from overgrown forests. The device is nicknamed the “Touch Wood,” which is probably a safer phrase in Japanese, and considering the phone is designed for the Japanese market, the moniker may never have the opportunity to generate any social awkwardness in English-speaking countries.