Don’t you hate it when you’re about to give an important Powerpoint presentation and for some reason, the page won’t stop loading? Perhaps it hasn’t happened to you (yet), but you dread it. For Mac users, a spinning rainbow ball image (known to Mac users as “the spinning beach ball of death”) pops on the screen when a page is loading and it might as well be the Grim Reaper.

Solar technology expert Colin Robertson had this happen to him while giving a TED Talk in Long Beach, California. Talk about embarrassing. And then, out of nowhere, rainbow umbrellas popped open in the audience! Beach balls were thrown from the ceiling! People walked on stage wearing multicolored full body suits! Just what were the TEDs trying to pull with these ridiculous shenanigans?

Oh, you say the speaker’s name is actually Eugene Cordero and he works with Improv Everywhere, prankster company extraordinaire? The whole spectacle was orchestrated by a team of professional jokesters, a joke on TED that resulted in a well-deserved standing ovation—a super clever and fun way of bringing light to a common annoyance.