Childhood lovers of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books are sure to get a kick out of this new app from DC musical duo BlueBrain. Brothers Hays and Ryan Halladay have developed an interactive album, using the beauty of Central Park as their muse, and now they want to share their vision with others. The album cannot be listened to in a traditional sense—it can only be played within Central Park, and the song parts change corresponding to where in the park you are.

‘Listen to the Light’ plays according to where the iPhone’s GPS tracks your location in the park. Every turn you take changes every element—tempo, volume, melody, instrumentation—of the music. Based on where you’re standing in the park, you’ll hear a sweeping concerto, or drums that swell and crash over ambient undertones. Despite there being infinite combinations based on the listener’s unique path, the song parts will always mesh effortlessly, making for a seamless orchestral piece of music.

This is BlueBrain’s second location-specific project. Earlier this year, they released a similar app for Washington DC’s National Mall. In an interview with Maxim magazine, Ryan Hallady explained that this time around, the brothers focused more on the musical aspect, rather than the tech behind it, to create a “really incredible” experience for listeners.

This location-specific album is available now, free of charge, in the iTunes app store.