Some of our favorite commercials parody the art of seduction (hello, Diet Coke!), but Samsung’s latest for the Smart TV, featuring some very special guests (can you spot them?) is the best yet. As a beautiful woman stands scantily clad in a window, being watched by various men going about their work days in various appointments, she gestures coyly; seemingly to entice a potential suitor to her room. As the men clamour to get to her door, we learn that she’s simply motioning at her Samsung Smart TV, which is activated and controlled by the flick of a dainty wrist, and has no interest in any of the men calling at her door.

It seems that with this new technology you’ll never have to leave the couch again, even when you find yourself sans remote, or at least you get to do a pretty little sequence of movements every time you want to watch TV. Seems like a win/win situation to us!

This post is sponsored by Samsung Smart TV.