Since the passing of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the blogosphere has erupted with statements paying thanks to the creative genius. It’s hard to find new ways to express the profound influence Jobs had in the world of technology; for a man who did so much, there are only so many ways to lament it. One tribute in particular stands out in the form of a refreshing psychedelic, low-fi mash-up video from Miami-based intermedia artist, Deb Garcia, who’s blog Decompos, is dedicated to the “exploration and dissection of the contemporary process through the blending of mediums”.

Garcia has interpreted the message behind Steve Jobs’ success as something meant to appeal to other visual innovators; that’s why she put together Success Forumulæ, a “visually stimulating” clip that portrays Jobs’ Stanford University speech—as well as other rare footage—like it’s never been seen before. Garcia hopes that other visual thinkers will be able to get a better grasp on Jobs’ work with the new aesthetic approach she’s taken.

In Success Forumulæ, Jobs is juxtaposed with other intellectual visionaries, Albert Einstein and Ingmar Bergman. Einstein is, of course, the “Father of Physics”, known for his ground-breaking discovery concerning relativity. Bergman is known as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. It makes sense that Jobs rounds out the trifecta of greatness; with his technological developments and infamous ideas, he’s certainly earned his place in history.