Don’t even think about reading any further until you watch the above video. Go on, it’s only short. We’ll wait.

What you just saw was an animation comprised of 1871 cross-section slices of the the body of Joseph Paul Jernigan, a convicted murderer who donated his body to science before being executed in 1993. It would be very gorey if it weren’t so beautiful and revealing.

Artists Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott took this animation (from the Visible Human Project) and played it on a laptop, which was moved around dark spaces while long-exposure pictures were taken. The result is an eerie and enigmatic reminder of what happens after we die. We’ve seen this kind of “light-painting” a couple of times in the past, but none have ever communicated as much as this one.

The series of seven photographs, titled The 12:31 Project (so titled for the time Jernigan died), is being sold with all proceeds going to Amnesty International, who have a rich artistic history themselves.