Combining the old-fashioned wonder of watching magic shows on the street and stage with the potentials offered by new technology, “virtual magician” Marco Tempest presents mind-bending video works with the quick fingers essential for every illusionist.

Marco was at TED recently to promote a new App he’s developing (the name of which, strangely is never mentioned) that synchronizes related video content across multiple mobile devices. Demonstrating with a trio of iPhones he borrowed from audience members, Marco’s slight-of-hand skills lend themselves to the switching, flipping and stacking necessary to tell this visual story about his favorite subject: deception.

Using analogies relating to technology, history, art and magic, Marco reminds his audience that the suspension of reality and truth is necessary to properly appreciate what he does in a funny and awe-inspiring presentation.

See more of Marco’s techno wizardry on his Vimeo and YouTube channels.

via the daily