Like a huge percentage of the population, the Portable team are shameless iPhone addicts; we Instagram and HeyTell like crazy, and will take a chance on almost any new software development. It’s a new piece of hardware, though, that looks set to make our smartphones even more essential to our daily lives.

Noticing a gap in the catalog of accessories to compliment our phones, childhood friends Bradley Leong, Daniel Fukuba and Sam Gordon put on their thinking caps and came up with the ingenious design for the Oona. A single piece of aircraft grade aluminium  that is small enough to fit in your pocket, the Oona is also adaptable. With two removable suction cups, the device can be used as a tripod and turn your phone into a hands-free entertainment center, GPS unit or point of reference. The brilliance of the device boils down to how simply it achieves such essential tasks.

Bradley, Daniel and Sam posted this video on Kickstarter in the hopes of raising money for a greater rate of production, offering backers who donate $25 an Oona to call their own before it goes into stores (where it will retail for $30). With just over a day left on the Kickstarter timer (which is different to the egg timer the boys attached the Oona to, making it a foolproof way to capture panorama images), the project’s been backed by 3,674 people and raised more than 10 times what they set out to.

There’s still time to secure your Oona—donate to the project here!

via swissmiss